Top 6] Terrible Hacks to save money on Car Insurance in US

By: Sahil Luthra

The average American spends just 2.4% of their annual income on car insurance, but at about $140 per month, it makes sense why most drivers look to save where they can. Whether you live in a region with the lowest average car insurance rates or one where car insurance tops the national average, there are several ways to reduce this necessary expense.

However, each person has a different insurance preference and a unique driving profile, so it may be beneficial to research each provider and get quotes from your top choices.

Low mileage discount

You could save by driving under a certain number of miles per year, as specified by the insurer. That’s how you can save thousands on premium.

Multiple policy discount

You could save by insuring multiple policy types under the same company. Bundling your home and auto insurance typically offers the most significant savings. The Best way to save another thousand on premium.

Safe driving discount

You could save by having a clean driving record. In addition to your driving record, if you maintain safe driving habits, you may earn an additional discount.

Safety feature discount

You could save by driving a vehicle that has safety features, like anti-lock brakes and an anti-theft device.

Profession-based discount

You could save if you are part of a specific profession, like a teacher. Now, your decent profession will help you to save thousands on insurance premiums.

Good student discount

Younger drivers can be more costly to insure, but good student discounts could help to reduce that cost. For example, insurers will typically offer a student discount to those who maintain at least a B average in school.

Each driver has unique personal factors, including age, location and driving record. Because these factors influence the underwriting process and the final rate you pay, the best cheap car insurance provider will be different for everyone.

To narrow down your list, consider which providers offer low rates on average in your area and how many discounts you would be eligible for with a particular policy.

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